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MA - Researcher 

Location Cupertino, CA  
Department Media Analytics 


The Media Analytics Department of NEC Labs America in Cupertino (CA) is seeking outstanding researchers with backgrounds in computer vision and machine learning. Candidates must possess an exceptional track record of original research and passion to create high impact products. Our researchers are expected to establish leadership in the research community and maintain active collaborations with leading universities worldwide.

The Media Analytics group provides a vibrant research environment that has produced very strong research results. For example, a paper from our group (by Dr. Manmohan Chandraker) won the Best Paper Award at CVPR in 2014; our monocular SFM, object detection and object tracking approaches are currently the top performers on KITTI benchmark dataset. The Media Analytics group always strives for excellence, producing top-notch research with strong aim to develop the core technologies for the industry in the decade to come.

Our current research focuses on two major directions – large-scale image recognition and 3D reconstruction – with applications like search by images on mobile platforms, 3D scene understanding for autonomous driving. While we are seeking for top talents in the above two directions, we are open to other directions in computer vision and machine learning.

Position Requirements

1) PhD in Computer Science (or equivalent)
2) Strong publication record at top-tier computer vision or machine learning venues
3) Solid foundations in applied mathematics, optimization and statistical inference
4) Motivation to conduct independent research from conception to implementation
5) Ability to develop large-scale systems working with image/video data

Desirable Skills:
1) Research focus in visual recognition, 3D reconstruction or scene understanding
2) Strong programming skills in C/C++
3) Experience with parallel/distributed computing
4) Experience with mobile or embedded systems


This position is currently not accepting applications.

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