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Gym General Manager  



  1. Accountable for all gym programs delivering a profitable, desirable outcome for the Company, team, and members
  2. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the facility and supervising the gym team


Exemption Status

  1. Exempt – Administrative Exemption


Job Status

  1. Full-time, 40 hours a week, or more as needed


  1. Varied in order to monitor gym staff performance as needed
  2. Gyms open from 5AM to 12AM`
  3. Traditional office hours are Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM or 6PM (depends on workout)
  4. Lunch from 12:15PM to 1PM; day ends at 5PM
  5. If working out over the lunch period, return to office work by 2PM; day ends at 6PM


Job Location

  1. Missouri City, TX (Alphaland HQ)



  1. Base Salary plus annual bonus: Percentage of base salary, subject to annual performance evaluation


Reports To

  1. Christian Guzman, CEO / Owner


Direct Reports

  1. Guest Services Associates
  2. Gym Managers
  3. Certified Personal Trainers
  4. Membership Sales Manager (future)
  5. Fitness Events Manager / Coordinator (future)


Position Requirements

Required Education

  1. Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, health & human performance, or sports science or other related field and/or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience


Essential Job Duties

  1. Increase sales through successful gym and fitness programming, member recruitment and retention, and overall branding of the Alphalete gym
  2. Hire, manage, coach, and develop a gym team comprised of highly competent and capable individuals who achieve the organization’s gym and fitness strategy, sales / revenue targets, and events initiatives


Additional Job Duties


Gym & Fitness Strategy / Profitability

  1. Develop, oversee, and execute a gym growth strategy and evaluate gym performance against strategy, achieving annual revenue and profitability targets
  2. Establish, recommend, coordinate, and execute gym-based programs that align with Alphalete’s branding and revenue goals


Budget & Reporting

  1. Develop, recommend, and gain approval from the CEO for an annual gym & fitness budget to ensure revenue, profitability, and branding goals are achieved
  2. Maintain approved gym & fitness budget and monitor for adherence, recommending adjustments (and gaining approval) throughout the year
  3. Collaborating with the Operations Director, establish insightful KPIs / metrics and report on a weekly basis to the CEO (CMO in the future), highlighting any anomalies (good or bad) and recommend a plan to enhance or correct issues
  4. At a minimum, formally meet with the CEO weekly to review pertinent metrics and work in progress


Gym & Fitness Business Development

  1. Generate revenue in daily sales and promotions
  2. Responsible for membership sales, meeting gym sale objectives and initiatives
  3. Engage with new and existing members, and focuses on client retention
  4. Review client accounts, Agreements, membership expirations and report on metrics accordingly
  5. Actively manage client relationships and engage member population
  6. Promote and manage client retention, relationships, and referrals
  7. Email communications to clients/prospects
  8. Attends applicable networking events to promote Alphalete
  9. Performs sales consultations and promote supplemental sales and programs (e.g. accessories, clothing, food, beverages, etc.)
  10. Market new programs and products


Gym & Fitness Execution

  1. Oversees gym organization, safety, and complianceCollaborating with the Operations Director:
  2. Coordinate on day-to-day strategy/operations/systems support
  3. Review all specialty programming (Sports Performance, Member Challenges, Special Events, Intramural Tournaments, etc.)
  4. Facilitates learning and understands industry trends, developments, and changes
  5. Develops, implements, and provides education for Customer/Client Service initiatives
  6. Enforce and demonstrate professional behavior and uphold the Code of Conduct as outlined in the Employee Handbook for all gym staff
  7. Ensure programming is current with safety compliance and industry guidelines
  8. Fitness Coach Maintain Personal Training hours (TBD)
  9. Promote, Support, Socialize, and Participate in Gym and Member Events


Supervisory Duties

  1. Improve and continue to develop the structure of the organization’s gym and fitness department
  2. Identify and hire highly competent and capable team members who embody the Alphalete brand
  3. Collaborate with HR regarding all hires
  4. Manage Training Team schedules, accountability, coverage, required certifications (Active and Current)
  5. Develop, mentor, coach, train, and guide direct reports to help them advance their career
  6. Conduct performance evaluations annually (at a minimum) and as needed to ensure direct report performance meets or exceeds expectations
  7. Evaluates current team and client programs for efficiency, performance, and results
  8. Collaborating with HR, coach, remedy, and discipline behavior and/or performance which is below standard
  9. Collaborating with HR, terminate and off board team members who are no longer a match for the company
  10. Other job duties as assigned by management


Required Skills / Experience

  1. Minimum of seven (7) years of experience running and managing a gym with multi-faceted programming and revenue streams, with ultimate accountability for achieving revenue and profitability targets
  2. Five (5) or more years of leadership experience, growing and leading teams through organizational change and transformation
  3. Excellent communication and listening skills; especially strong customer service skills
  4. Functional knowledge of MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point)
  5. Maintain current CPR/Training Certification


Preferred Skills / Experience

  1. Previous experience working in an accelerated growth, entrepreneurial environment with ever-changing priorities
  2. Well versed in understanding, implementing, executing, and managing company policy and procedures


Traits / Characteristics

  1. High initiative, autonomous, and self-governing
  2. Strong critical thinker & superb analytical skills
  3. Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team
  4. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with strong follow through
  5. Flexible, collaborative, & a team player
  6. Passionate customer advocacy
  7. Entrepreneurial spirit & high integrity
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