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C4J Public Health Specialist 

About the Organization As a research and action organization, Center for Policing Equity (CPE) produces analyses identifying and reducing the causes of racial disparities in public safety. Using data-driven approaches to social justice, we use science to create levers for social, cultural, and policy change.

We are research scientists, race and equity experts, data virtuosos, and community trainers. We use data to build a more fair and just system. We partner with law enforcement and communities. Our aim is to bridge the divide of communication, generational mistrust, and suffering. But most of all, we are the path that science can forge towards public safety, community trust, and racial equity.

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Position Description

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) is looking for an experienced individual to serve as the COMPSTAT for Justice (C4J) Public Health Specialist. 

Through a racial equity lens, the C4J Public Health Specialist will blend research and implementation skills to coordinate with communities, social service organizations, public safety personnel, healthcare and other organizations to simultaneously address public health issues, reduce overall law enforcement footprint, impact public safety systems redesign and public health systems enhancement efforts. Further, the C4J Public Health Specialist will be responsible for research and information gathering around various factors impacting health status of communities within potential C4J cities. 

Public health systems have the ultimate goal of rendering more robust support for communities served through C4J by addressing the gaps in health-promoting services that can, in some instances, increase priority  populations’ encounters with law enforcement. The Specialist will therefore coordinate and/or combine the resources of healthcare institutions, social service organizations, public safety personnel, or other agencies that intersect with criminal justice in order to eliminate  criminalization of health conditions and human circumstances preceding behavioral emergencies and document the impact of policing systems on public health and wellness.

The candidate should have a strong research background (e.g., public health/ sociology/ anthropology/ behavioral and social science research experience or intelligence-gathering experience) and be able to produce written reports and verbal presentations to provide the CPE C4J team and other stakeholders with robust understanding of community-level health status; cultural, law enforcement agency and community compositions; public health system functions and historical health determinants. The C4J Public Health Specialist will also support relationship-building efforts to create partnerships and drive C4J progress forward within designated cities.

The position will report to the C4J Director of Research and Implementation Strategy. The position will also work closely with the CPE Director of Public Health to ensure alignment with organization-wide public health strategies.

About CPE’s CompStat for Justice (C4J) Team

One of CPE’s most robust program offerings is C4J, a data-driven intervention working to help communities and their police agencies create safer, healthier, and more just communities. CPE works directly with police departments and communities to identify the drivers of racial disparities and to reimagine how policing services are delivered. Through the C4J program, CPE leverages findings from mixed-methods data collection and analysis to provide recommendations and strategic guidance to law enforcement agencies and communities in support of their efforts to reduce racial disparities in policing outcomes.


Key Responsibilities 

  • Lead data collection, analysis, and literature review efforts to assess health status of C4J sites for Black and other marginalized communities concurrently enduring disparate treatment by police 
  • Analyze and identify gaps in public health and healthcare systems impacting health outcomes for Black and other marginalized communities in C4J sites
  • Lead data collection efforts within C4J-participating law enforcement agencies to determine presence, content, and utilization of health promotion programming
  • Research and vet potential C4J sites, providing C4J colleagues with detailed analyses of priority community compositions, health trends, and socio-environmental factors impacting current and historical health status of Black and other marginalized communities (especially as they pertain to law enforcement and policing)
  • Act as a subject matter resource in each C4J site regarding promoting health equity as a human right and integrating public health principles into public safety redesign within both law enforcement agencies and communities-at-large
  • Actively build coalitions with law enforcement professionals, community members, and public health, academic and social service organizations to advance the mission of C4J
  • Inform the C4J team of any changing socio-environmental factors potentially changing health status or risk profiles of communities within C4J sites 
  • Assist C4J team with research and analysis assessments, as assigned
  • Provide C4J team with racial equity and public health lenses to enhance health integration into deliverables and services in C4J’s multiple components
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and C4J colleagues to align work programs, timelines, and planning documentation
  • Promote positive public health outcomes for communities served by C4J by documenting intersections of public health and criminal justice outcomes
  • Lead cross-functional projects; including scoping, generating buy-in across teams, identifying risks, solving multi-level problems, communicating across the organization, and delivering to client(s)
  • Communicate relevant details of strategies within the C4J Public Health program using various techniques (e.g., written descriptions, images, models, protocols, etc.)
  • Facilitate C4J public health objectives including evidence-based, culturally-competent health promotion efforts among law enforcement professionals and Black and other marginalized communities
  • Provide feedback to the C4J Director of Implementation and Research Strategies and C4J Senior Director to iterate on the C4J service delivery model from a public health perspective
  • Collaborate with the CPE Community Engagement team to identify prevention programs and self-care models that specialize in reducing contact with criminal justice systems
  • Collaborate with CPE Data-Driven Interventions and Product Discovery teams to assess the effectiveness of recommended risk reduction actions or other interventions
  • Collaborate with CPE Science team through the Director of Public Health to explore public health-facing social determinants of public safety and other interventions



  • Graduate degree from accredited institution required.  Master of Public Health degree preferred, however graduate degree in behavioral, biological or social sciences also accepted
  • Experience conducting academic or real-world, problem-focused research preferred
  • 2 to 4 years of experience working in service delivery/implementation within complex organizations and dynamic environments, preferably for public health organization
  • Knowledge of health and healthcare domains including public health, population health, health equity, and/or health financing 
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills to diverse audiences
  • Ability to use critical thinking to navigate and solve complex problems
  • Highly-organized with superb attention to detail and ability to prioritize and complete tasks with high degree of accuracy
  • Ability to work independently, accomplish multiple goals, and adapt quickly to a growing organization
  • Passionate about social justice, inclusion, and diversity in achieving equity in health
  • Ability to travel 10-20% of the time for site visits and organizational retreats


Application Submission Guidelines

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. To apply, please submit the following materials:

  • CV/resume
  • Cover Letter


EOE Statement The Center for Policing Equity strives to build a diverse team that is inclusive of multiple perspectives and welcoming for people of all backgrounds. Women and members of underrepresented communities are especially encouraged to apply.  

This position is currently accepting applications.

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