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School Bus Dispatcher 

Location Grand Rapids, MI (Kent ISD) - School Bus  
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time  
Pay Rate Based on Experience  
Shift Days  
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This position will be responsible for school bus dispatching, scheduling and general office duties. Successful candidates must qualify to drive a school bus. An ideal candidate will be very proficient with computers, possess professional communication skills, have an excellent attendance history and be a team player.

May perform other duties as assigned.


1. Conduct pre-trip and post trip inspections of your assigned vehicle as required.
2. Use established routes and designated bus stops.
3. Conduct emergency evacuation drills as required.
4. Instruct passenger riders regarding safety.
5. Drive defensively under varying traffic conditions and inclement weather.
6. Drive with safety of passengers as first priority.
7. Establish favorable working relationships with other drivers, maintenance personnel, bus attendants, teachers, passengers, principals, and total school or program staff.
8. Bus drivers shall achieve self improvement by attending training sessions, annual in-service and workshops conducted by Dean Transportation Inc. and/or other approved agencies.

Position Requirements

1. Operate all vehicle types in transporting passengers used by Dean.
2. Identify with geographic service area of school district and routes you travel.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of rules and regulations promulgated by local, state, and federal agencies.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of state laws and local ordinances.
5. Deal with exuberant behavior characteristics of youthful riders.
6. Administer disciplinary procedures in keeping with company policies.
7. Be alert and exercise good judgment concerning emergencies and day-to-day operations.
8. Shall be able to conduct a bus evacuation drill as required by Transportation Management.
9. Keep accurate records and reports as required, submit in a legible condition, turn in at the specified time.
10. Conduct yourself as a professional Dean Transportation staff member at all times.
11. Operate all vehicle lifts as prescribed in company policy.
12. Secure all equipment that is required for each passenger as prescribed in company policy.
13. Be able to lift, store, and disassemble/assemble wheelchairs of a maximum weight of 40 pounds and/or other ambulatory devices required by the passenger.

Dispatchers may be required to drive a school bus. School Bus Drivers are required through their employment to perform various tasks. These physical tasks require varying degrees of lifting, pulling, bending and carrying of heavy objects.

Some examples of these are:
1. Opening and closing a bus hood and lifting the hood up to perform pretrip requirements of the engine.
2. Opening and closing of bus entrance and emergency doors.
3. Bending, pushing and pulling to load and unload a wheelchair, with or without a passenger, onto a lift platform, by exerting a maximum of 40 lb. of push / pull pressure.
4. Bending, supporting and otherwise physically helping passengers into and out of a school bus.
5. Carrying and lifting into and from the school bus, personal articles and adaptive equipment of various weights and sizes.
6. Bending and stretching for the cleaning and securement of equipment in the interior of the school bus.
7. Bend, stretch, pull and drag all persons, equipment or other types of articles that would be of varying sizes and weight out of emergency exits on demand.


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