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Head Volleyball Coach 

Position Head Volleyball Coach  
Category Athletics  
Full-Time/Part-Time Part-Time  
Exempt/Non-Exempt Non-Exempt  


Interscholastic athletics are an integral part of a Denver Christian education. Denver Christian School is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education that develops the whole child; this includes developing the academic, social/emotional, spiritual, creative/artistic, and kinesthetic/athletic. In order to glorify God in athletics, our athletes must pursue the goal of excellence within a Christian framework. The success of our athletic program is more than the outcome of a competition between two different schools; it means capturing every aspect of athletics (practice, traveling, competing, etc.) as an opportunity for learning, physical development, and discipleship. As Christians, we are called to excellence (performance to the best of our ability) in all areas of life because God rules over every area of our life … including athletics, and He has given us gifts to use for His glory.


Denver Christian provides the opportunity for our students to participate in athletics:

  • To help our students understand that God is in every part of their lives, whether that is in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in their home life.
  • To develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, recognizing that each individual student is a unique creation of God.
  • To provide athletic experiences where our teams participate in such a way that we honor our God, our school, our team, and our community.
  • To develop our students into athletes who play fairly, observe regulations and policies, treat others with courtesy and take adversity without complaining.
  • To demonstrate respect and courtesy toward teammates, opponents, and officials at all times.
  • To help our students gain experience through athletic participation that will develop Christian character and reflect Christ to others.
  • To help our students understand that our motto “TO GOD BE THE GLORY” is achieved when God is glorified through our effort, attitude, and performance. Our teams will train hard to win without submitting to the “win at all costs” view that is so prevalent in today’s culture.
Position Requirements


Athletics is one of the many means of discipleship DC uses to bring students to a deeper relationship with Christ. Participating in a sport provides daily opportunities for students to grow in their walk with Christ by experiencing struggles, failure, success, and relationships through a Biblical framework. Coaches are the primary guide throughout this process. At all times, coaches should represent Christ, the school, and themselves in a way that honors God. Coaches are called to teach their athletes to do the same. In addition to discipleship, coaches must demonstrate excellence in their field and a growth mindset to be ever improving.

  • Coaches should have a clear profession of their faith in Christ and a discipling attitude about coaching/athletics
  • Coaches must have demonstrated knowledge of the game either as a player or as a coach; varsity coaches must have successful prior coaching experience.
  • Coaches must meet the requirements found in the employee handbook (add link to employee handbook)
  • Coaches must have a view of athletics consistent with the Denver Christian Athletic program, as outlined in this document.


Athletics is a ministry / discipling opportunity

  • Students who participate in a sport are voluntarily placing themselves in your “classroom” for hours each week.
  • Coaches understand their sport is a platform in which to model and teach lessons which will last well beyond the student’s athletic career.
  • Involvement in athletics, which by nature is a high profile part of the school, allows ministry opportunities with opponents, fans, and the community, as they observe how the Christian life is lived out in an athletic arena.

DC Athletics is an opportunity to teach Biblical principles

  • Athletics at DC supports its mission to “inspire and equip students of Christian parents to engage the world with Christ’s transforming power and love.”
  • Coaches may have more opportunities for discipleship than an average classroom teacher.
  • Competition will lead to situations which parallel real-life situations. Use these times to teach Biblical principles and encourage athletes to build Christ-like character
  • Coaches are intentional in modeling and teaching right character in stressful moments, when wrong character may be revealed.

DC Athletics views winning from the proper perspective - “To God be the Glory”

  • All practices/contests strive to lead athletes to glorify God.
  • Athletes compete well, and play to win.
  • Athletes strive for excellence
  • Winning is measured in many more areas than just the scoreboard
  • A successful season is not dependent on the team’s win/loss record
  • Coaches view their teams from an eternal perspective

DC Athletics aligns with InSideOut Philosophy, promoted by CHSAA, which support our Christian Education-Based Athletics

  • InSideOut Philosophy focuses on the purpose, power, possibility, and privilege of leading and coaching
  • Why do I coach
  • Why do I coach the way I coach
  • How does it feel to be coached by me
  • How do I define success
  • All coaches will receive a copy of the book, “InSideOut Coaching” by Joe Erhmann
  • Coaches will work on developing their own purpose statement
  • A DC Coach is a Role Model AT ALL TIMES
  • The coach’s commitment to Christ should be evident to those who observe their lives
    • At every practice
    • Outside of school/sport times
    • On social media / communication
    • Delegation of responsibilities
    • Mentoring team captains
  • The coach is on display for athletes, parents, opponents, fans, officials, and the community
  • The Varsity coach is especially seen as a Christian leader for assistant coaches, team captains, and other coaches in the program.



  • Meet with coaches in the program (MS and HS), led by the varsity coach.
  • Communicate with the athletic director about a practice schedule prior to the first practice of the season
  • Attend and lead a pre-season athlete/parent meeting - (Explain expectations of Varsity/JV/C)
  • Formulate a list of policies and regulations for your specific sport which athletes should follow. Submit a copy to the athletic director for approval before these are shared with athletes.
  • Find necessary support staff, such as statistician, scorekeeper, bookkeeper, manager, etc., informing athletic director who will be filling the positions
  • Decide on which tasks to delegate to an assistant coach and communicate those expectations clearly to them.
  • Pass out uniforms and complete uniform inventory form
  • Discuss any team placement and/or cuts with the athletic director before notifying athletes. It is recommended a coach meet individually with each athlete about team placement
  • Ensure all athletes have their physical form on file in the office, and athletic fees have been paid (or arranged) before the first practice
  • Confirm you have a copy of your driver’s license on file in the business office in order to drive school vehicles


  • Provide an example of Christ-like character in and out of competition
  • Have a regular time of devotions and prayer with your team
  • Be on time with starting and ending practice. It is expected that all player attend all practices throughout the season.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the team by improving personally, working to grow more unified as a team
  • Varsity teams are expected to practice during school vacation dates, as deemed necessary (Holidays, teacher inservice days, etc.)
  • Sub-varsity teams may have practice on school vacation dates, but they are not mandatory
  • CHSAA regulates practice start dates for each season, including practice days during Christmas vacation
  • Provide accurate team roster(s) to both the athletic director and the athletic secretary
  • Enter your schedule in MaxPreps, reporting scores/stats after contests (varsity only). Sports media is free advertising for the school - take advantage of it!
  • Ensure proper conduct of players during practices and contests.
  • Provide proper supervision for athletes at all times.
  • Care for school facilities (home and away)
  • Keep a scorebook and accurate record of statistics
  • Check all doors/gates/lights when you have the last practice of the day
  • Dress in an “athletic professional” manner (or better) to coach at contests


  • Collect and inventory uniforms, confirming they are clean and usable for the next season
  • Uniforms should be returned, with form completed, no later than 2 weeks after the last game of the season
  • Report any lost uniforms or damaged uniforms
  • Compile a list of award winners
  • Attend and participate in an end of season celebration for your team. (Potlucks/dessert buffets are encouraged).
  • Complete and turn in “end of season” report, which includes season record, statistics, team roster, sport-specific needs list, conference/state awards recipients, and summary of the season.
  • Plan and organize any off-season activities or camps.
  • Meet with the athletic director for season evaluation


  • BA degree in education or related field preferred
  • Coaching experience at the high school level required

> Middle School and High School teaching positions are also available, but must be applied for separately <

Salary range: $3,703 - $4,761 per season



Hiring Manager(s) Barbara Landhuis, Dylan Hoch, Renee Bradow  
About the Organization Denver Christian School is a preschool through high school college preparatory Christian school serving the entire Denver metro area. DC is committed to educating 21st century students, encouraging them to grow in their own strengths, uniqueness, and talents.

Since 1916, Denver Christian School has been educating children: mind, body, and spirit. The preschool through high school program focus has always been inspired from the Lord who said 'Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.'

Our Mission
To inspire and equip students of Christian families to engage the world with Christ's transforming power and love.
At Denver Christian, we aspire to educate students in a diverse, faith-based community. DC nurtures and develops students' personal gifts and prepared them to engage the world as leaders. Our faculty and staff guide students through a process of learning that focuses on knowledge enriched with the arts, technology, athletics, and is rooted in our Christian perspective on education.

Denver Christian School nurtures the individual student. Encouraging students to grow in their own strengths, uniqueness, and talents.

After conducting competitive market analysis, Denver Christian continues to be a clear leader in the Denver-area market for private education value and excellence. We believe that God is excellent and so therefore we strive for excellence in all that we do. From academics to faith formation, life skills, community, and communication, Denver Christian is committed to becoming the standard in educational excellence for Christian families.
EOE Statement We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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