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MCN - Summer Research Intern 

Location Princeton, NJ  
Department Mobile Communications and Networking 


The Mobile Communications & Networking department has multiple intern positions available for graduate students during summer 2022. We have an active research program with focus on wireless communications, sensing and networking. During this summer, we aim to continue our current activity as well as create seeds for new directions.

We are looking for summer interns in the following areas:

a) Localization and Tracking: Design and build innovative wireless tracking solutions that can operate in resource-constrained (infrastructure cost, energy, etc.) environments; scope ranges from ultra low power wireless tracking tags to intelligent sensor fusion (visual, RF, acoustic, etc.) approaches for collaborative, immersive applications.

b) Wireless Sensing for Smart Environments: Design and build distributed sensing solutions for tracking, localization and sensing of human activity in indoor environments. Explore the use of LTE, mmWave/UWB radar, light, IMU etc sensors in the environment for sensing. Design and implement low-level devices such as smart-surfaces/reconfigurable intelligent surfaces to enhance indoor sensing.

c) mmWave Networks: Designing and implementing new channel estimation, beamforming algorithms in mmWave base-stations on a test-bed deployed within NECLA campus and evaluating their performance. Explore the use of directional mmWave transmissions for positioning applications. Design of Reconfigurable Intelligence Surfaces and implementation (e.g., using meta-materials).

Position Requirements
  • Enrolled in a CS or EE PhD program;
  • Experience in building embedded wireless systems, low-power RF design, applied machine learning for wireless sensing, circuit-design, AR/VR systems, beamforming and code-book design;
  • Extensive hands-on systems building experience, as appropriate for the areas outlined above.

This position is currently not accepting applications.

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