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Journeyman Business Operations Specialist 

Category Management/Other Analyst  

The Journeyman Business Operations Specialist will serve as a data analyst and will work a swing shift.

Additional Responsibilities Include, but are not Limited To:

  • Track and report data quality in contractor-developed formats approved by the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).
  • Perform program management & process improvement duties.
  • Assist with proposal development, if necessary.
  • Perform other duties, as assigned.
  • Assess AMC, AFRC and ANG Tanker Data Quality:
    • Assess the timeliness and quality of AMC Fuel Tracker Air Refueling Data for 618 AOC (TACC) missions (priority 1, 2 and CORONETS) by AMC, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and Air National Guard (ANG) Wings.
    • Analyze, assess, and report other air refueling trends as required.
  • Data Presentation, Program Support for Executive Decision Makers, and Briefing Support:
    • Create, compile and present daily briefing slides and reports for AMC, 18 AF, and 618 AOC leadership.
    • Brief senior AOC leadership and disseminate daily briefings and reports to applicable organizations.
    • Participate in both NIPRnet and SIPRnet, as appropriate, Defense Connect On-Line (DCO), Defense Collaboration Services (DCS), or any other collaboration service sessions as required to support the mission, identified by the COR.
    • Report mission data relative to AMC CHOP’ed, AFRC and ANG assets. Any requests for AMC Change of Operational Control (CHOPed) assets, AFRC or ANG data are dependent on data from non-618 AOC organizations and the contractor’s current workload as prioritized by the COR. The contractor’s ability to provide answers to requests for CHOPed assets, AFRC or ANG assets is dependent on the response from the controlling headquarters, DIRMOBFOR, CAOC, etc. Close coordination with agencies such as the AFRC, ANG and combatant commands such as United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) may be required. Provide the status on the request back to the COR in two, non-weekend/non-holiday workdays.
    • Present improvement recommendations as determined jointly between the government and the contractor.
    • Provide program support for executive decision makers by providing proven methodology for retrieval and formatting of data to appropriately address presentation requirements.
    • Report mission data relative to AMC airlift and tanker missions.
    • Provide a monthly status report to the COR.
    • Attend meetings such as staff meetings and rapid improvement events to explain contractor provided data, if questions arise, as determined by the contractor and COR. Meeting minutes will be created and posted into the Daily Shift Report.
  • Enterprise Data Analytics:
    • Develop and implement Business Intelligence (BI) tool suite software frameworks (currently using Cognos) for analysis of informational elements contained in the 618 AOC (TACC) database and other sources for MAF data, to include information/data in the defense or transportation systems such as GATES, IGC, GDSS, SMS, JOPES, and the Global Command and Control System (GCCS). In addition, will perform predictive analysis to predict or forecast impacts to the global mobility system based on anticipated changes or fluctuations and convey these impacts in ways relevant to the situation. The methodology for the implementation of analytical processes rests with the contractor in order to gather, process, and disseminate recurring and specially requested mission data and informational products with nearly 100% accuracy under very stringent timelines.
      • Perform routine and technically specialized queries to support requests, approved by 618 AOC (TACC) and prioritized by the COR. (Note: These requests for information are wide-ranging and require not only the ability to query relevant data, but also require a thorough understanding of the airlift and air refueling system so that the query correctly answers the question being asked.)
      • Perform analysis and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the global air mobility system and the effectiveness of the AOC.
      • In conjunction with Directorates within the 618 AOC (TACC), lead the effort to establish the use of business intelligence tools between internal organizations within the AOC during mission planning, tasking, pre-execution, execution, and post-execution.
  • Business Intelligence:
    • Utilize the government-provided enterprise BI tool suite.
    • The government will notify the contractor if the BI tool suite changes to a different solution and the contractor and the COR will determine a transition plan.
    • Establish an advanced BI query capability internally and for external customer interaction. This effort includes merging 618 AOC (TACC) specific data with other MAF data elements (such as data within GATES, IGC, GDSS, SMS, JOPES, and/or GCCS) to provide complex airlift and tanker analysis. Support enterprise-level initiatives (e.g., Continuous Process Improvement efforts, AT21, metrics, etc.) with analysis and provide products as specified by the requesting agency.
    • BI efforts could be short or long term in duration.
    • Assist Directorates in identifying and refining requirements to develop Directorate unique metrics and assessments.
    • In conjunction with the 618 AOC (TACC) Directorates, will help create, maintain and schedule reports, to include ad hoc reports, or dashboards that support AOC requirements.
    • In conjunction with Directorates within the 618 AOC (TACC), lead the effort to measure current and future operations geared to creating a collaborative environment open to process improvement, predictive analysis, situational assessments, and cultural change within the 618 AOC (TACC) organization.
    • Analyze and develop specific directorate/user requirements, design applications across the organization that supports the use of BI tools. The contractor Measure and document business process change as the change relates to current state. This will form the basis for the measurement of the efficiency of the continuous process improvement cycle.
    • Work with the Directorates in the 618 AOC (TACC) to identify measurement thresholds and provide reports relative to process change management.
    • Maintain and use government-provided software and manage the requirements for this software to include preparing budget details for the government for follow on upgrades, maintenance, and/or additional licenses as required to support the BI environment.
    • Provide BI administration to include administration of user accounts and permissions, and permissions to BI content and data.
    • Maintain a Data Dictionary of all data elements being used within BPM/BI software.
    • Provide functional System Administration (SA) support to manage all BI technical environments, suites, and systems as needed. This includes the following activities:
      • Detect and resolve performance concerns
      • Conduct BI performance tuning
      • Create/delete/modify BI user accounts and access privileges
      • Upgrade BI tool suite as releases are published
      • Maintain BI user accounts, profiles, environments, and home directories
      • Notify Government PM of any outage occurrence
      • Monitor and maintain file system backups
      • Install and configure print services for system printers
      • Troubleshoot and resolve operating system conflicts
      • Coordinate with database administrator in performing schedule saves
    • Monitor and evaluate system security issues/requirements.
    • Analyze and implement AFCERT requirements.
    • Modify system configurations to comply with security directives.
    • Install, configure, and troubleshoot software.
    • Install, configure, and troubleshoot hardware, to include both client/server connections and web servers.
    • Perform software upgrades and patches to server hardware.
    • Identify and install approved hardware upgrades.
    • Maintain and restore failover site as required.
    • Act as liaison between user and Network Control Center for problem resolution.
    • Maintain architectural products and documentation for the system.
    • Provide technical expertise for data calls during normal duty day.
    • Attend meetings as necessary.
    • Meet security requirements detailed DODI 8570.
  • Business Process Management:
    • In conjunction with Directorates within the 618 AOC (TACC), lead the effort to expand current BI Data and Metric analysis capabilities which will allow and enable identification of greater levels of Process Improvement Opportunities for 618 AOC (TACC) Operational Process Capability.
    • Support the enablement of BPM, for ownership by the Directorates, which allows Mash-up views of data and information in a process context.
    • Support the modeling of current Business Processes within Directorates and across the 618 AOC (TACC) to support current state baselining and future state optimization. This AOC operational process focused modeling will describe control limits for functions within core value streams, specification limits for tools supporting AOC functions and services, allow for simulation in government provided BPM software (such as iGrafx) and will serve as the baseline for AOC Weapon System Management.
    • Support the development of future modeling of AOC operational processes to include modeling and simulation (in BPM software such as iGrafx) and cell design of activities for optimization of manpower, improved product and information flow, reduction in defects, reduction in cycle times, reduction in lead times, decreased activity costs, improved customer value, etc. Work with the SRD and Directorates to allow for successful transformational efforts and continuous process improvement of AOC production activities and the development of supporting metrics.
    • Incorporate elements of robust statistical methods (statistical process control, & process performance measurement, etc.) to allow 618 AOC (TACC) Leadership stronger views and understanding of process performance levels being provided to each of its customers in relation to Operational Strategic Goals. The objective outcome is to allow the leadership team to directly visualize and interpret how tactical activities and results are related to broad strategies and goals in serving airlift customers to their expectations.
    • Identify further linkage opportunities between the 618 AOC (TACC) organization and broader Enterprise Process Initiatives (such as AT21) with the specific intent of supporting improvements in Global Transportation and Distribution Functions from an End to End Business Process Management Perspective; with the intention of supporting change management from a functional focus to a production focus, and promoting linkage of processes across organizational boundaries with single views of time appropriate Enterprise Transportation information.
  • Application Interface and Requirements Engineering and Documentation:
    • Interface with 618 AOC (TACC)/XONT (Technology Division) and applicable capital system program managers concerning updating, enhancing, or initial design of contractor applications and tools. In particular, when ad hoc queries become routine, a prototype application or tool will be forwarded to XONT so that the query becomes part of the broader IT systems (e.g. GDSS RIDL report).
  • Force Movement Management:
    • Provide methodologies to manage force movements analysis.
  • Manage USTRANSCOM Force Movement Packages:
    • Retrieve the USTRANSCOM force movement packages’ definitions, incorporate these into a process to present mission data related to the force package, and coordinate/manage any anomalies discovered through the processing of AMC mission data. Coordination will require extensive use of JOPES, GDSS, and the joint crisis action planning process. Collect, analyze, monitor, and report force movement requirements, coordinating closely with agencies in USTRANSCOM, AMC, 18 AF, SDDC, CAOC DIRMOBFOR, USFOR-A, or other agencies or commands as appropriate and within the directorates of the 618 AOC (TACC). Participate in meetings, rapid improvement events, and any pertinent forum required to analyze force movement requirements and deliveries. Provide multi-modal analysis.
  • Manage 618 AOC Special Interest Force Movement Packages:
    • Collect force movement requirements and create force movement package definitions to support 618 AOC (TACC) special interest movements, incorporate these into a process to present mission data related to the force package, and coordinate/manage any anomalies discovered through the processing of AMC mission data.
  • Manage All Remaining Force Movement Requirements:
    • Collect all other non-618 AOC (TACC) special interest force movement requirements and create force movement packages from requirements with common departure/arrival ports and delivery dates. These force movement packages will also be incorporated into a process to present mission data related to the force package and coordinate/manage any anomalies discovered through the processing of AMC mission data.
  • Force Package Delivery Status:
    • Monitor and report the status of all force packages, coordinating closely with 618 AOC (TACC)’s Global Readiness Directorate (XOP), to determine the status of package planning and projected closure timeframes. Collaborate with 618 AOC (TACC) leadership and the USTRANSCOM Deployment Distribution Operations Center (DDOC) on execution issues that negatively impact the delivery status of the packages.
  • Program Management:
    • Provide the planning, coordination, and control necessary for effective and efficient accomplishment of all requirements contained in this PWS.
      • Ensure proper DoD, AMC, and 618 AOC (TACC) security measures are always followed.
      • Capture mission data and examine fidelity issues 24x7, to include holidays and periods of adverse weather.
      • Provide a posted Daily Shift Report in electronic storage media or via unclassified e-mail as determined by the government.
      • Provide a Project Manager who will be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of the Project Manager and alternate(s) who will act for the contractor when the primary project manager is absent, will be designated in writing to the Contracting Officer (CO). Ensure all personnel assigned to this contract meet the minimum requirements specified in the contractor’s proposal, in accordance with the generic résumés provided as part of the contractor’s staffing approach. Notify the CO in writing of any changes to personnel within three (3) workdays after the information is known.
  • Process Improvement and Quality Assurance:
    • Improve internal processes to streamline daily operations and provide support to 618 AOC (TACC) senior leadership with a continuous process improvement approach.
      • Maintain and document process improvements, current procedures, and checklists in a library, updating as required.
      • Institute a quality assurance program that consistently improves data integrity by minimizing errors, identifying the data capture process’ strengths and weaknesses, and reacts to the dynamics of change.
      • Provide the Government COR with a Monthly Status Report.
Position Requirements


  • Five (5) years’ experience in air transportation and logistics operations.
  • Experience providing support, advice, and guidance on the correct application of services/products/technology solution or technique.
  • Experience designing, developing, and implementing solutions by using standard methods, techniques, and tools.
  • Experience collecting, analyzing, and reporting airlift, aerial refueling, or similar data for customers.
  • Experience with air transportation systems, such as GDSS, GATES, SMS, JOPES, and GTN or similar Federal or commercial systems.


  • Bachelor’s degree OR equivalent experience.

Other Required Skills & Abilities:

  • Must be able to effectively communicate with customer and fulfill all duties and responsibilities as listed in the contract.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite including, but not limited to: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Skilled in transportation policies, procedures, concepts principles, practices and operational execution.
  • Able to accomplish studies as well as analysis of transportation delivery methodologies.
  • Able to produce products on a tight timeline for executive level briefings.
  • Must be able to work a swing shift schedule.

Security Clearance: Secret security clearance required.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement:

  • Pursuant to Executive Order 14042, you must be able to meet the workplace safety protocol standards which require all federal contractors and subcontractors to be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021.
    • If you cannot meet these protocols, you must submit for a legal accommodation due to a disability (which would include medical conditions) or because of a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. Approval of legal accommodations is not guaranteed.

US Citizenship: This position supports a U.S. Government Contract whose terms require Sawdey Solution Services to staff it only with U.S. Citizens.

Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time  
Req Number MAN-21-00033  
Location Scott AFB, IL  
About the Organization Here at Sawdey Solution Services, Inc., an ISO 9001-14001 certified and CMMI-SVC v1.3 Level 3 appraised corporate headquarters, we have built a nationwide and global footprint by providing innovative, cross-disciplined professional services, engineering, and cyber solutions to Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Agencies, and commercial customers. Operating successfully since 2001, we are a Woman Owned/Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (WOSB/SDVOSB). Our mission is to provide employees with the best experience in a people focused, continuous process improvement environment. We are extremely proud of the culture we have created and encourage all prospective applicants to take a look at what other applicants and employees are saying about us:

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Whether you are a transitioning service member or are an experienced government contracting professional, Sawdey Solution Services, Inc. offers a strong benefits package that extends beyond compensation. In addition to our healthcare plans, we also have benefits that encourage work/life balance, support your retirement goals, and aid in achieving not only your career goals, but your educational and training goals as well.

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EOE Statement We are a Disabled-Veterans-41 CFR 60 1.4, Equal Opportunity Employer. Devoted to creating a diverse and friendly workplace, we do not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, age, sex, color, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, or veteran status. Our goals and beliefs are that diverse backgrounds and experiences empower and enable us to offer our customers an unmatched level of service. People of color, women, LGBTQIA+, veterans, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply!  
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