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Produce Department Manager 


Produce Manager

Job Description

Professionalism involves the application of highly technical skills, as well as, the exercise of judgment and decision-making. A true professional is concerned with the continual expansion of their knowledge and abilities, as well as, the knowledge and abilities of their associates. They are a master in their area of responsibility, and are an important part of the total store management team.

The contribution of the Produce Manager to the success of our store is indisputable. Thus, it is recognized that our Produce Manager must indeed be a 'professional'.

A professional Produce Manager reflects innovation, creativity, imagination, skillful presentation, customer sensitivity, pride, business acumen and positive impact. This effective combination contributes to the sales growth and success of the entire store.

This position reports to the Store Manager

1) Leadership

Manage and ensure efficient operations of Produce Department; employee relations, customer service, merchandising, and cleanliness.

Responsible for developing and maintaining a positive environment that encourages a Jackson Whole Grocer team culture, while ensuring company standards and department financial objectives are met.

Drive the department to maximum effectiveness: find the most efficient methods to run the department, support and build skills and knowledge of staff, stand behind and enforce company policies, set the example of commitment, teamwork, excellent work ethics, positive attitude, flexibility and diversity.

Communicate clearly and model Jackson Whole Grocer mission and values. Ensure staff is trained. Provide ongoing training of any procedural changes that may arise.

Encourage and recognize all staff in their role and mentor the individuals who show a strong interest and drive to grow within the company. Delegate responsibilities and monitor progress on various tasks.

Make sure all employees receive orientations, training, on-the-job training, and timely performance evaluations. Ensure training in procedures and customer service in the Produce department.

Ensure company standards and store financial objectives are met. Make recommendations for hires, pay increases, expenditures and scheduled labor hours.

Hold regular department meetings to communicate recent and/or pressing topics.

Give feedback to and coach all Produce staff on productivity and customer service. Take disciplinary action as needed, following established policies.

2) Operations

Meet objectives for Produce sales, margin, turns and labor costs. Review department financial performance reports with appropriate parties and take action as needed. Ensure regular store and department inventories and stock rotation.

Carry out established opening and closing procedures. Uphold security procedures and support staff in dealing with shoplifters, disorderly customers, and emergencies.

Coordinate and direct daily communication between morning and evening crews.

Schedule department labor to meet goals for labor costs, cleaning and maintenance procedures, productivity and customer service.

Responsible for general oversight of all store schedules to ensure proper coverage. Review Produce schedule with Store Manager.

Assist in ensuring store facility is properly maintained. Troubleshoot and resolve faulty equipment or other facility issues.

Confirm compliance with all applicable laws: business licenses, permits, health regulations, labor laws, etc.

Direct and maintain produce and bulk displays, prep and storage areas in clean, orderly condition, and all aspects of sales floor operations.

Assist Produce Department with daily check lists.

Implement and support all Jackson Whole Grocer programs.

3) Customer Service

Ensure interactions with customers are always governed by honesty, integrity and the highest standard of ethical conduct.

Make sure that all customers are treated in a friendly manner, made to feel comfortable and are always satisfied with their shopping experience.

Proactively greet all customers as they enter the department in a prompt, friendly, and courteous manner.

Be proactive in offering samples and suggestions for purchase and ways to use product. Refer to all store resources and staff to find answers. Ensure customer leaves with the information they have requested.

Follow through with customer suggestions, comments and complaints from beginning to end.

Always offer a solution that will satisfy the customer, including any necessary returns or exchanges according to Jackson Whole Grocer policies and procedures.

Apply customer service standards consistently over the phone, as well as in person.

Review and respond to customer feedback, recognize outstanding reports and/or coach employees as necessary. Set expectations for improved customer service.

Always thank the customer for shopping with Jackson Whole Grocer.

4) Merchandising

Assist in ensuring the monthly sales and promotional calendar is supported at all levels of the store to include signage, marketing materials, demos, social media and events. Assist in cross merchandising with other departments.

Stay informed and engaged in carrying out store merchandising goals.

Ensure that store is fully stocked to give appearance of abundance, products are labelled accurately, and of highest quality in order to attract customer purchases. This includes ordering, facing, rotating and culling, reworking end caps and keeping shelves full.

Set prepping, packaging and stocking priorities for department staff. Review and verify updates on scale and shelf tags. Ensure accurate price and grower information on department signs.

Ensure all staff is aware of product literature, price changes, specials and any events.

Give feedback to Store Management regarding the Produce Department.

5) Purchasing

Determine, negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, and delivery.

Track consumer trends and purchasing patterns to ensure the proper balance of well-stocked and profitable departments. Order product, ingredients and supplies to meet customer demand, following JWG's guidelines.

Identify, order and maintain the core set product mix to meet consumer demands and achieve sales and margin goals.

Receive orders following established procedures. Check deliveries for damage, quality and accuracy. Rotate deliveries into storage. Review invoices daily for accuracy and promotional discounts according to procedures.

Provide accurate cost information for Store Manager and/or General Manager in a timely manner.

Ensure shrink is properly recorded in the Produce departments, assemble totals for management.

Check in orders and put away, place orders, rotate product and date product.

Log and process invoices. Assemble department to department transfers as needed. Process store to store transfers weekly.

5) Other

Perform other duties as assigned by Store Manager.

Additional and Specific Areas of Responsibilities

Qualifications & Skills

Minimum 2-3 years managing a Produce Department. Knowledge and ability to perform any job in the Produce department.

Excellent customer service skills

Excellent communication and listening skills

Demonstrated leadership skills - initiative, delegating, motivating, problem solving

Management experience - hiring, training, and performance management (min. 2 years management experience)

Retail experience

Produce experience - knowledge and ability to perform any job in the Produce/Bulk departments

Ability to handle multiple demands in a calm and effective manner

Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments

Ability to read financial statements

Knowledge of products and trends in the natural food industry, a plus

Ability to create a positive environment and work as a team member

Organizational skills, with strong attention to detail and accuracy

Demonstrated ability to make decisions using good judgment

Experience developing and implementing systems and procedures

Ability to maintain strict confidentiality

Must be fluent in written and spoken English

Experience with POS registers, word processing and various databases

Physical Demands Evaluation

Physical Demands

Standing/Walking: Frequently throughout work shift on hard floor surface.

Sitting: Frequently for office work, breaks, and lunch.

Lifting: Occasionally lift up to 50# floor to 60 inches boxes of apples/ fruit and vegetables to top shelf in cooler; constantly lift and stack up to 40# boxes from pallet to hand truck from floor to 60 inches. Occasionally lift up to 40# boxes to a height of 72'. Constantly lifting individual items/ product to stock display shelves/ bins.

Carry: Occasionally carry boxes of produce weighing up to 60# in sale area for 6' on hard floor.

Push/Pull: Occasionally pushing and pulling loaded dolly/ 6 wheeler with up to 200# of boxes of fruit and vegetables at 30#of force for 100' on hard floor. Pushing loaded pallet jack at 50 # force in prep room for 6'occasionally and out to sale area for 100' rarely.


Bending/Twisting: Occasionally at the waist and knees to lift boxes of produce and to stock shelves up to 65' and bins at 36'in sale/displays.

Kneeling/Crawling: Kneeling can be performed occasionally to lift boxes of produce from low levels, however squatting is recommended. Crawling is never required.

Reaching: Occasionally reaching to stock shelves up to 65' in height and 16' deep, and reaching across 36' tall bins of apples, tomatoes, etc. in sale area displays.

Hands/Arms: Constantly to lift, carry, reach, push, pull, prepare produce, and maintain records.

Work-site Conditions: Work is performed inside the store sale area and in a backroom for preparing produce. Work is performed inside a cooler at 35-40 degree temperature occasionally.

Position Produce Department Manager  
Location Jackson Whole Grocer  
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time  
Position Requirements  
Minimum age to apply is 14  
Exempt/Non-Exempt Non-Exempt  
EOE Statement We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.  

This position is currently not accepting applications.

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