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Youth Life Educator 

About the Organization TranZed Alliance is a nonprofit organization serving children, families and child-serving organizations and is dedicated to transforming how America educates and cares for its children through education, behavioral health and national training and consultation services. Affiliates of TranZed Alliance include The Children's Guild, Monarch Academy Public Charter and Contract Schools, TranZed Academy for Working Students, TranZed Apprenticeships Services, The Children's Guild D.C. Public Charter School, TranZed Institute, the National At Risk Education Network, the TranZed Alliance Conference Center and The National Children's Guild Fund. We are among the most experienced child-serving organizations in the Greater Baltimore/Washington region and currently expanding in national and international programs. Each year, the agency's continuum of care and its more than 475 professional staff help thousands of youth and young adults and their families achieve excel and succeed. We operate public charter and contract schools, special education schools, apprenticeships and pre-career programs, therapeutic group homes, treatment foster care, and behavior health services. We invite you to be part of our innovative team.  
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time  
Location The Children's Guild - Group Academy  

We are seeking both full time and part time on call direct care residential workers for our three group homes- located in the Baltimore area.

Role Description - The role of the Educator is eclectic. The approach is that which stems from an educational model, having as its intent to teach life skills and values. This model focuses on health and growth and reinforces the strength of each student while recognizing their limitations.

The Youth Life Educator is a master at integration. The Youth Life Educator understands and utilizes the systems essential to provide each student with a well-rounded educational growth plan. The Youth Life Educator is able to creatively use available resources, as well as integrate the components of daily living in an educational manner.

The Youth Life Educator is able to carry out the role and expectation of the position with minimum supervision, and do it well.

The role of the Youth Life Educator includes four major areas of practice: 1. work with groups; 2. design and implementation of curriculum which fosters social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical growth and integration of individual work with the needs of the group,

3. curriculum,

4. organization and efforts of other professionals involved in the education of the student.

Accountability - The person in this position reports to the Director of Therapeutic Group Homes for administrative supervision and to the Supervisor of Youth Life Education and the Program and Design Specialist for practice supervision.

We are looking for a seasoned youth life educator who can work out Awake Overnight schedule- 11:00 pm-7:00 am.

KEY RESULT AREA #1 - Curriculum Planning and Implementation

Curriculum planning and implementation includes the teaching of socialization skills, discovery of the world we live in, and an appreciation and understanding of the meaning of life cycle events.

Daily Living Skills - e.g., clothing, hygiene, consumerism, work; Awareness of the World - e.g., vacation experiences, cultural events, news, arts, appreciation for individual differences; Life Cycle Events - e.g., birthdays, holidays, birth, divorces, marriages, death, first day of school.

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

1. The environment is safe but challenging, structured yet ever changing, orderedyet vital and facilitates growth., learning and change through planned curriculum and consistent expectations.

2. The overall program educational plan is being executed in the way it was designed at curriculum and team meetings.

3. Events of everyday living (e.g., meals, shopping, housekeeping, leisure time, etc.) are designed and carried out in such a way to promote discovery, independence and growth in life skills.

4. All students are involved in the development of positive work habits.

5. Activities and programs are provided which are geared toward the development of a sound, healthy body.

6. Learning experiences are provided to experience community life and involvementfor the purpose of developing one's sense of national and civic responsibility.

7. Experiences are provided for exploration and work toward the achievement of a sense of one's spiritual well-being.

8. Learning experiences are provided to gain an understanding of and have an appreciation for nature.

9. Appropriate emphasis is placed on developing socialization and communication skills.

10. Learning experiences are provided for developing and maintaining hobbies and interests for the purpose of utilizing leisure time in a productive and self-gratifying way.

11. The environment in which the student lives conveys a sense of dignity, pride and aesthetic appeal.

12. Curriculum is designed to develop self-control which is appropriate to student's developmental stage.

13. Experiences are provided to enhance the intellectual growth of students.

14. Special events such as birthdays, graduations, religious ceremonies, etc. are celebrated in an appropriate fashion and traditions for the celebration of holidays have been developed.

15. Time and talent are given to development of a specialty area of the curriculum.

KEY RESULT AREA #2 - Work with Individuals

Requires skill in the areas of evaluation and assessment. Life space interviewing, problem

solving, contracting, case management, knowledge of normal growth and development,

and dynamics of human behavior.

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

1. Each student is viewed and treated as possessing inalienable rights as a human being and cared for in a humane and dignified manner.

2. Each student is viewed and treated as unique and this uniqueness is understood to be the result of the student's past experience and heritage.

3. Meaningful relationships are developed with the students and the educator demonstrates the ability to assess and need the needs of the individual students, through knowledge of normal development and age-appropriate behaviors.

4. Opportunities to develop and improve parenting skills are offered to parents and relevant family members.

5. Executes educational plans as designed.

6. Meets medical and dental needs appropriately.

7. Work is done with the youth in counseling and consultation toward his/her transition from the program to independent living or to home.

8. Consultation and counseling are done with families toward the transition of their child from our program under the coordination of the Family Life Coordinator.

KEY RESULT AREA #3 - Work with Groups

Work with groups requires knowledge in the areas of group dynamics* and group leadership


(Composition, power, leadership styles, norms, phase development, values,

subgroups, interaction patterns, scapegoating).

(Information seeking, information, giving, clarifying, summarizing, task

assignment, consensus, encouraging, compromising, gatekeeping standard

setting and contracting).

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

1. Activity and task groups occur on a regular basis and the students regularly

participate as well as plan and organize work, programs and leisure time.

2. Students are being taught how to use the group for problem resolution.

3. Curriculum is developed and implemented in accordance with Children's Guild philosophy and mission. Curriculum is understood to be the umbrella which encompasses work with individuals and groups in an integrated fashion.

4. The activities that occur in the residence and the interventions designed for students indicate an understanding of how each department and each program component is one part of the total agency, and that the action of one individual impacts on the total organizational system.

KEY RESULT AREA #4 - Advisor Duties

Carrying out Advisor duties requires skill in administratively coordinating, monitoring, integrating and maintaining all the pieces of the student's program. Must be knowledgeable of the student's use of all the services utilized as well as those needs that exist that present services do not adequately meet.

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

1. The student's clothing needs and clothing budget have been accounted for.

2. The student has an adequate supply of products to maintain good personal hygiene and has been instructed in their use; and records of expenditure of the student's personal needs have been accounted for.

3. There has been participation in the student's growth plan, staffing and other reports required for the student while in placement.

4. The student's individual educational growth plan has been presented at team meetings, reviews and staffings, and the plan is monitored to assure follow through.

5. Parent contacts have been maintained and parents are updated and involved in their children's individual educational growth plan. Pertinent information about daily life has been shared at regular intervals as determined by the growth plan.

6. Referral workers are knowledgeable and involved in the educational growth plan of the student.

7. Medical and dental care has been monitored, appointments have been set through the Family Life Coordinator and they occur, and the student has been emotionally prepared for appointments.

8. Gifts are purchased for special occasions (e.g. birthday, Christmas, graduation).

9. Advisor serves as an advocate for their designated students.

10. The student's use of money is monitored.

11. The student maintains a clean and orderly room.

12. The student's school progress is monitored.

KEY RESULT AREA #5 - Written Communication

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

1. Reports (e.g. incident, suspected child abuse, accident/illness) are written n a timely, clear and concise manner.

2. Documentation occurs in the program and Student Progress Notes concerning tudent's behavior, achievements, general observations and communication.

3. Educational plans are written and a copy forwarded to the Experiential Education Coordinator.

KEY RESULT ARE #6 - Other Duties

This KRA will be met satisfactorily when:

4. There is participation in Quality Assurance studies.

5. Attendance at all appropriate meetings and training sessions is regular and participative.

6. Positive general attitude to students, other staff and the public is maintained.

7. Support is given to maintaining all standards for licensing and accreditation.

8. Medication is administered in a manner that is consistent with licensing and sound health standards.

9. The residence budget is followed as designed, accounted for, and soundfinancial decisions are made.

Position Requirements

The qualifications of this position include the interest and drive to develop the potential of other people and the interpersonal skills necessary to do so. The successful candidate will also possess a value system that is consistent with The Children's Guild philosophy and goals, be mentally alert, physically healthy and possess the stamina needed to work with children in a dynamic environment. The person in this position must also possess a desire to grow, learn and change, and to serve as a role model.

College degree preferred. Minimum qualifications are a high school diploma or GED, with some college credits. Experience in human services or education related field highly desirable. The person in this position must also possess maturity, flexibility and commitment.

The Children’s Guild demonstrates an awareness of, respect for, and attention to the diversity of the people with whom it interacts (persons served, personnel, families/caregivers, and other stakeholders) that are reflected in attitudes, organizational structures, policies, and services.


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