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Clinician - PG County 

About the Organization TranZed Alliance is a nonprofit organization serving children, families and child-serving organizations and is dedicated to transforming how America educates and cares for its children through education, behavioral health and national training and consultation services. Affiliates of TranZed Alliance include The Children's Guild, Monarch Academy Public Charter and Contract Schools, TranZed Academy for Working Students, TranZed Apprenticeships Services, The Children's Guild D.C. Public Charter School, TranZed Institute, the National At Risk Education Network, the TranZed Alliance Conference Center and The National Children's Guild Fund. We are among the most experienced child-serving organizations in the Greater Baltimore/Washington region and currently expanding in national and international programs. Each year, the agency's continuum of care and its more than 475 professional staff help thousands of youth and young adults and their families achieve excel and succeed. We operate public charter and contract schools, special education schools, apprenticeships and pre-career programs, therapeutic group homes, treatment foster care, and behavior health services. We invite you to be part of our innovative team.  
Location The Children's Guild  


This is a full time 11 month position. We are seeking candidates for the 2018-2019 school year.

General Job Description: The purpose of this position is to provide outpatient individual, family and group counseling services to children and their families, in both schools and the community by the terms set forth by COMAR. The Family Help Center clinician is part of a multi-disciplinary team that provides services designed to maximize the potential of each student at his/her developmental level. The Family Help Center clinician, under the direction of the Clinical Supervisor, works with children, families, school professionals and the community. The Family Help Center clinician is expected to meet the program’s productivity target for billable service each week.

Academic Preparation and/ Experience: : The minimum qualifications for this position are possession of a Master’s Degree in social work or psychology from an accredited university and certification/licensure as an LGSW, LCSW-C or LPCC.

Accountability: This position is responsible to the Clinical Supervisor of the Family Help Center (OMHC).


  1. Clinical skills including knowledge about evidence based practices relating to individual, family and group counseling.
  2. Sensitivity in relating to persons of varying backgrounds and demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups of people possessing various strengths, aptitudes and abilities.
  3. Ability to perform job responsibilities with a high degree of initiative and independent judgment.
  4. Demonstrated oral and written communication skills and effective interpersonal skills.
  5. Proficiency in using Agency computer systems and software as required to perform essential job functions.
  6. Practical and creative problem solving skills.

Key Result Area #1: Therapy

This KRA will be successfully completed when:

  1. A working knowledge of individual, family and group behavior is demonstrated through sound clinical interventions and decisions based on the analysis of case information, clinical observations and student interaction with peers, faculty and family members.
  2. Student referrals for Family Help Center behavioral health services are accurately assessed for level of care and referred for more intensive services if deemed necessary.
  3. Knowledge of medical and psychiatric terminology and concepts is demonstrated.
  4. Knowledge of the function and organization of schools, community programs and referral resources.
  5. Demonstrated ability to apply therapy skills and clinical judgment that is consistent with the program’s philosophy.
  6. The Family Help Center clinician develops an individual treatment plan (ITP) on assigned students’ and ensures the implementation of these plans.
  7. The Family Help Center clinician will respect the privacy of clients and hold in confidence all information obtained during the client’s treatment. All client-related documents should be handled in accordance with Agency guidelines on confidential material.
  8. The Family Help Center clinician will maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct and adhere to Agency policies and procedures.

Key Result Area # 2: Training and Compliance

This KRA is successfully completed when:

  1. The Family Help Center clinician demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of COMAR and Guild regulations and carries out her/his duties in compliance with these regulations.
  2. The Family Help Center clinician successfully completes the Guild’s Pre-Service Training Program (PTSP).
  3. The Family Help Center clinician will attend all scheduled staff meetings, supervision sessions and on-going trainings.
  4. All required trainings, certifications and licensure must be kept current in accordance with applicable licensing regulations and standards.
  5. Adhere to The Children’s Guild’s Policy and Procedures.
  6. The Family Help Center clinician will sign attendance/visitor logs each time that they enter and leave their assigned schools.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of the Maryland State Law around reporting suspicion of child neglect and/or abuse.

Key Result Area # 3: Documentation

This KRA is successfully completed when:

  1. Ideas are expressed clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. All documentation is submitted within specified deadlines and meets accuracy and quality criteria 90% of the time.
  2. The Family Help Center clinician turns in CQI data in accordance with the prescribed deadlines.
  3. The Family Help Center clinician completes all intake paperwork and assessment within one week of receiving a referral.
  4. All paperwork is completed on the computer and submitted electronically according to HIPAA and Agency standards unless otherwise approved and specified by the clinical supervisor.
  5. Intake interview and all intake forms are completed in accordance with COMAR and DHMH guidelines.
  6. Individual Treatment Plans (ITP’s) are developed in accordance with COMAR, typed and submitted to the Clinical Supervisor by the end of the 5th therapy session.
  7. Individual Treatment Plan Reviews are typed and submitted to the Clinical Supervisor in accordance with COMAR (at least every 6 months).
  8. Service tickets are completed after each therapy session and submitted to the clinical supervisor within 24 hours; summarizing the session and documenting the client’s progress towards the treatment plan goals.
  9. Quarterly progress summaries are completed and turned into the Clinical Supervisor on the 5th of October, January, April and July.
  10. The Family Help Center clinician will track and manage all service authorizations for assessments, family, group and individual sessions. The Family Help Center Clinician will ensure that authorizations are current prior to delivering services. The appropriate documentation to request additional authorized visits is completed and submitted via the APS web system.
  11. The Family Help Center clinician will complete and submit the Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) through the web-based system within defined time frames.
  12. Contact logs are completed and maintained on a daily basis documenting communication with clients, their families, and/or other involved parties, which occurs between regularly scheduled sessions.

Key Result Area # 4: Productivity

This KRA is successfully completed when:

  1. Family Help Center clinicians will meet productivity targets on a monthly basis. Productivity target requirements for the 2013-2014 school year will be distributed during at the start of the school year. A Family Help Center clinician will be expected to provide the following reimbursable mental health services including but not limited to the following:
  • Conduct a mental status exam, psychosocial evaluation and coordinate any necessary evaluations and assessments.
  • Diagnose clients/students according to the DSM-V
  • Participation in the development of the client’s Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Develop and implement behavior management systems.
  • Support, including education and consultation for families and/or significant others regarding the client’s behavioral health issues.
  • Provide individual, group, play, and family therapy interventions.
  • Monitor symptoms and assist client with learning to identify and manage symptoms
  • Assistance in increasing social support skills and networks
  • Coordinate and assess whether or not services are adequately meeting the needs of the client
  1. Any employee who fails to meet their pre-determined productivity target for a three month period shall be placed on Performance Under Review status. This will be discussed in supervision sessions and the employee will receive assistance with developing a plan to get back to target within three months. If the employee misses their productivity target the second quarter (3 month period) Performance Under Review will progress to Probation. At the end of a third quarter the employee must make the quarterly productivity target or is at risk of termination. By the fourth quarter each employee must achieve their annual target in order to be off Performance Under Review and/or Probation. An employee risks termination if they are 1) unable to attain their quarterly productivity target after 3 quarters or 2) end the fiscal year under their productivity target and have been behind for three or more quarters.

Key Result Area #4: Other Duties

This KRA is successfully completed when:

  1. The Family Help Center clinician works a minimum of 40 hours per week for 10 months /196 days. The clinician will follow their assigned school calendar for vacation time and holidays. Professional days are considered part of the 40 hour week and will be used for Guild training activities or as an opportunity to participate in other assigned duties. All planned generic leave must be approved by the clinical supervisor and cannot be taken during the final two weeks of the school year unless approved by the Director of Behavioral Health Services.
  2. The Family Help Center Clinician will work toward becoming an integral part of their school and community by maintaining a professional role and fully participating in the daily routines, activities and extracurricular events of the school and community.
  3. The Family Help Center Clinician schedule is flexible enough to meet the needs of the students, families, school and the Family Help Center.
  4. All duties assigned by the clinical supervisor are carried out in a thorough, effective and timely way.

Position Requirements

The Children’s Guild demonstrates an awareness of, respect for, and attention to the diversity of the people with whom it interacts (persons served, personnel, families/caregivers, and other stakeholders) that are reflected in attitudes, organizational structures, policies, and services.


This position is currently accepting applications.

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