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MA - Researcher 

Location Cupertino, CA  
Department Media Analytics 


The Media Analytics Department is seeking outstanding researchers with backgrounds in computer vision, machine learning or robotics. Candidates must possess an exceptional track record of original research and passion to create high impact products. Our researchers are expected to establish worldwide leadership in their communities.

NEC Labs provides a vibrant research environment that produces very strong research results. We extensively publish high-impact and award-winning work at top-tier venues such as CVPR or NIPS. Our two key research directions are visual recognition and 3D scene understanding, with applications such as surveillance or self-driving. We provide ample means to demonstrate applications of our research, for example, by building a self-driving platform from scratch. We offer opportunities to get in on the ground floor of self-driving and shape its course with your vision.

We are located in Cupertino, with very competitive pay and benefits. We have a strong internship program and active collaborations with academia. To check out our latest work, please visit:

Position Requirements

• PhD in Computer Science (or equivalent)
• Strong publication record at top-tier computer vision or machine learning venues
• Research focus in computer vision, machine learning or robotics
• Solid foundations in applied mathematics, optimization and statistical inference
• Motivation to conduct independent research from conception to implementation

Desirable skills:
• Programming experience in C, C++
• Experience with automotive systems or robotic navigation
• Experience with mobile or embedded systems


This position is currently not accepting applications.

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