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About the Organization PGC Basketball is a worldwide leader in developing athletes and coaches into leaders on and off the court. Through transformational camps and clinics, PGC equips and inspires over 12,000 players and 3,000 coaches each year. PGC is a multi-national, dispersed, mission-centered company led by a diverse team of passionate leaders.

In addition to credentials and skill sets, we look for extraordinary people who love making a positive difference serving others, and finding ways to make things around them better every single day. Get to know our PGC team members and you'll find brilliant people who are passionately committed to helping PGC be a light in the basketball world. We care deeply about our culture, we love to have fun, and our mission inspires our success.

PGC is dedicated to the growth and development of every staff member, while providing an uplifting environment for people to flourish.

Position Basket Instructor  
  • Provide mentorship and positive role modeling to players on and off the court.
  • Oversee a group of 20 players on-court and provide timely feedback, reminders and encouragement.
  • Assist with demonstrations of PGC concepts and habits on-court.
  • Provide supervision in the dorms and assist with other off-court duties.
  • Create a strong connection with players on and off the court, including during meals.
  • Provide assistance to Site Manager throughout the week with various tasks including check-in and check out.
  • Instructors have similar responsibilities for fall & winter courses, but without dorm supervision.
Position Requirements
  • In great shape and able to demonstrate basketball fundamentals at a high level.
  • Able to maintain an unwavering, infectious energy for five days.
  • Able to connect and build rapport with male and female athletes.
  • Able to be a positive role model and leader who inspires, encourages, and brings out the best in others.
  • Able to give meaningful feedback to players to help them improve.
  • Must be available for two or more sessions and have the desire to work for PGC for multiple summers.
  • Must have played or coached in high school or college and completed first year of college (at a minimum).
  • Must complete training prior to becoming a paid Instructor. Every first-time staff member's initial employment with PGC is a two-way unpaid contract. Over 90% of employees switch from a two-way unpaid contract to a guaranteed contract after the completion of a single unpaid training week.

PGC is still taking applications for summer Instructor positions. However, we will not contact you for an interview until January 2020.


This position is currently not accepting applications.

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