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KDRL - Summer Research Assistant 

Location Cupertino, CA  
Department KDRL Big Data Analytics 


KDR-US (Big Data Analytics), located in the NECLA Cupertino office, conducts research on advanced analytics technologies, from development of theoretically-founded algorithms to real world applications motivated by projects with our industrial clients.The team keeps creating new algorithms and producing industrial (and even academic) forefront technologies, being used in global markets as commercial products.

Our research focus is on predictive and prescriptive analysis, i.e. learning feature from raw data including feature selection, predictive modeling using strong model selection theory, mathematical optimization under uncertainty, and advanced distributed computing on Apache Spark. All of these researches aim to create maximize impacts on physical world, using data analytics, in such industries as energy, water, transportation, telecom, retail, and so on. At the same time, our team places imporatance on mathematical foundation, not just heuristics.

The research environment is vibrant and dynamic. You may also be able to learn from our professional software engineers as well as from your mentor. Results of internship are encouraged to be published in premier conferences, and actually have been published (e.g. KDD15, ICML14, NIPS14, NIPS13, etc.).

We are very excited for this opportunity to work together. If you are interested, join us for a great summer.

You can find the leader of KDR-US below.

Position Requirements

• PhD candidates in computer science or equivalent
• Strong programming and scripting skills
• Strong communication and collaboration skills
• (Distributed computing projects only) Strong implementation skills on Apache Spark


This position is currently not accepting applications.

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