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EM - Summer Research Assistant 

Location Cupertino, CA  
Department Energy Management 


The Energy Management Department in Cupertino, CA, invites applications for a summer internship in resilient power systems. The internship project includes design and implementation of Resilient Microgrid Energy Management systems (EMS). The microgrid consists of renewable and distributed generation resources, energy storage units, and electric loads with or without connection to power grid. The EMS is responsible for control, dispatch and coordination of devices in the microgrid. Successful candidate is expected to analyze different type of disturbances and uncertainties (such as communication network failures, device failures, etc.) in the microgrid and provide novel solutions to minimize their impact on performance of EMS.

Position Requirements

• PhD Candidate (EE/CS) - Fault Tolerant Systems
• Experience with design and study of resilient systems
• Solid knowledge of microgrid and energy management systems
• Background in modeling and optimization methods and their applications in energy systems

Desired skills:
• Background in communication network modeling and analysis in industrial systems
• Strong programming skills (C++, MATLAB)
• Experience with optimization tools and Solvers (GLPK, Gurobi, etc.)


This position is currently not accepting applications.

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