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 Delphi Technologies Any, Remote Jobs 
   Process Engineer - Any, Remote - Job 
  Quality & Reliability 
   Quality Supervisor - Any, Remote - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez Jobs 
   Asistente administrativo - Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez - Job 
   Lean Supervisor - Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez - Job 
   Customs Specialist - Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez - Job 
   Lean Manufacturing Manager - Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez - Job 
   Sr. Buyer - Chihuahua, Cd. Juárez - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Chihuahua, Chihuahua Jobs 
   Customs Specialist - Chihuahua, Chihuahua - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Coahuila de Zaragoza, Saltillo Jobs 
   Customs Specialist - Coahuila de Zaragoza, Saltillo - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Coahuila de Zaragoza, Torreon Jobs 
   Customs Specialist - Coahuila de Zaragoza, Torreon - Job 
 Delphi Technologies IN, Kokomo Jobs 
   Digital IC Designer - IN, Kokomo - Job 
   Manufacturing Test Development Engineer - IN, Kokomo - Job 
   Power Electronics Electrical Design Engineer - IN, Kokomo - Job 
   Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis Engineer - IN, Kokomo - Job 
   Systems Engineer - IN, Kokomo - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Kent, Gillingham Jobs 
   Chief Engineer - Kent, Gillingham - Job 
   Electronics Systems Engineer - Kent, Gillingham - Job 
 Delphi Technologies Leamington, Warwickshire Jobs 
  Finance & Accounting 
   Management Accountant - Leamington, Warwickshire - Job 
   Customer Service Co-Ordinator - Leamington, Warwickshire - Job 
  Sales and Marketing 
   Business Development Manager - Leamington, Warwickshire - Job 
   Global Product Manager - Leamington, Warwickshire - Job 
 Delphi Technologies MI, Auburn Hills Jobs 
   Advanced Propulsion - Software Systems Engineer - MI, Auburn Hills - Job 
   Advanced Propulsion Controls- Control Systems Engineer - MI, Auburn Hills - Job 
   Category Buyer - MI, Auburn Hills - Job 
 Delphi Technologies MI, Troy Jobs 
   Customer Service Representative - MI, Troy - Job 
   Associate Product Engineer - Steering & Suspension - MI, Troy - Job 
   Global Remanufacturing Industrialization Engineer - MI, Troy - Job 
   Product Development Engineer (Remanufacturing) - MI, Troy - Job 
   Quality Engineer - MI, Troy - Job 
   Resident Engineer Commercial Vehicles - MI, Troy - Job 
   Production Operator - MI, Troy - Job 
   Production Team Lead - MI, Troy - Job 
   Operations Manager - MI, Troy - Job 
  Production Control & Logistics 
   Demand Planner - MI, Troy - Job 
   Warehouse and Logistics Coordinator - MI, Troy - Job 
  Sales and Marketing 
   Category Manager - Fuel - MI, Troy - Job 
  Student Opportunities 
   Account Manager Intern – Year Round - MI, Troy - Job 
   General Office Assistance - Sales Admin Intern - MI, Troy - Job 
   Manufacturing Engineering Intern - MI, Troy - Job 
   Retail Sales Intern - Year Round - MI, Troy - Job 
 Delphi Technologies NY, West Henrietta Jobs 
  Student Opportunities 
   Human Resources Intern - Year Round - NY, West Henrietta - Job 
 Delphi Technologies TX, El Paso Jobs 
   Senior Manufacturing Staff Engineer - TX, El Paso - Job 

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