Cogent, Inc. Jobs
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 Cogent, Inc. CO, Golden Jobs 
   Control Systems Engineer - CO, Golden - Job 
   Control Systems Technician - CO, Golden - Job 
   Electrical Control Systems Designer - CO, Golden - Job 
   Project Coordinator - CO, Golden - Job 
  Customer Service 
   Order Coordinator - CO, Golden - Job 
   Service Coordinator - CO, Golden - Job 
   Service Technician - CO, Golden - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. IL, Decatur Jobs 
   Municipal & Industrial Service Technician - IL, Decatur - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. MO, Fenton Jobs 
   Control Systems Engineer - MO, Fenton - Job 
   Electrical Control Systems Designer - MO, Fenton - Job 
   Reliability Analyst - MO, Fenton - Job 
   Service Coordinator - MO, Fenton - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. MO, Kansas City Jobs 
   Control Systems Engineer - MO, Kansas City - Job 
   Electrical Control Systems Designer - MO, Kansas City - Job 
  Customer Service 
   Order Coordinator - MO, Kansas City - Job 
  Information Technology 
   Director of Information Technology - MO, Kansas City - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. MT, Billings Jobs 
   Control Systems Engineer - MT, Billings - Job 
  Project Management  
   Engineered Systems Specialist - MT, Billings - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. ND, Dickinson Jobs 
  Outside Sales  
   General Industrial Salesperson - ND, Dickinson - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. OK, Enid Jobs 
   Service Technician - OK, Enid - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. Oklahoma, Broken Arrow Jobs 
   Field Service Technician - Oklahoma, Broken Arrow - Job 
 Cogent, Inc. WY, Casper Jobs 
  Outside Sales  
   General Industrial Salesperson - WY, Casper - Job 

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