Sumter County Jobs
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 Sumter County Animal Services Jobs 
  Animal Services 
   Animal Control Officer - 2020 - Animal Services - Job 
 Sumter County Development Services Jobs 
  Development Services 
   Development Services Director - 2020 - Development Services - Job 
   Planner - Internship - Paid - Development Services - Job 
 Sumter County Economic Developemt Jobs 
  Economic Development  
   Economic Development Specialist - Economic Developemt - Job 
 Sumter County Facilities and Parks Jobs 
   Maintenance Technician - Facilities and Parks - Job 
 Sumter County Road & Bridge Jobs 
  Public Works 
   Road Technician - 2020 - Road & Bridge - Job 
 Sumter County Tax Collector Jobs 
  Tax Collector 
   Customer Service Specialist - Tax Collector - Job 

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