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 PEC Solutions LLC Minnesota, Duluth Jobs 
  Project Management  
   Project Manager - Minnesota, Duluth - Job 
 PEC Solutions LLC Minnesota, Fridley Jobs 
  Controls & Automation 
   Controls Engineer - Minnesota, Fridley - Job 
   Senior Estimator - Minnesota, Fridley - Job 
   AutoCAD Designer - Controls & Automation - Minnesota, Fridley - Job 
  Project Management  
   Senior Project Manager - Industrial - Minnesota, Fridley - Job 
 PEC Solutions LLC Minnesota, Virginia Jobs 
  Project Management  
   Electrical Service Project Manager - Minnesota, Virginia - Job 
 PEC Solutions LLC North Dakota, Fargo - PEC Jobs 
  Civil Infrastructure 
   Drop Crew Worker - North Dakota, Fargo - PEC - Job 
   General Laborer - North Dakota, Fargo - PEC - Job 
   Horizontal Directional Driller/Bore Operator and Locator - North Dakota, Fargo - PEC - Job 

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