Omni Air International Jobs
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 Omni Air International Bases, Various Jobs 
   Flight Mechanic - Bases, Various - Job 
 Omni Air International HI, Honolulu Jobs 
   Maintenance Station Supervisor-HNL - HI, Honolulu - Job 
 Omni Air International Maryland, Baltimore Jobs 
   GSE Mechanic-BWI - Maryland, Baltimore - Job 
 Omni Air International Oklahoma, Tulsa Jobs 
   Payroll Specialist - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Flight Operations 
   Flight Operations Technical Assistant - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Information Systems 
   Quality Assurance Analyst - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Maintenance Controller - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Manager of Maintenance Planning - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Maintenance Control  
   Production Data Analyst - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Operations Planning 
   SOCC Intern-Summer 2020 - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Buyer - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Quality Control 
   Assistant Manager of Auditing - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Manager of Auditing - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Aircraft Records Technician - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
  Safety & Security 
   Director of Risk Management & Security - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Safety & Security Intern-Summer 2020 - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
   Operations Program Technician - Oklahoma, Tulsa - Job 
 Omni Air International Texas, Dallas Jobs 
   Inflight Support Coordinator - Texas, Dallas - Job 
   A&P Mechanic-AFW - Texas, Dallas - Job 
   Interior Mechanic-AFW - Texas, Dallas - Job 
   Inflight Training Instructor - Texas, Dallas - Job 
   Manager of Inflight Training - Texas, Dallas - Job 
  Warehouse Operations  
   Warehouse Supervisor-AFW - Texas, Dallas - Job 
 Omni Air International TX , Dallas Jobs 
   Flight Attendant-Dallas Interview Session - TX , Dallas - Job 
 Omni Air International Virginia, Dulles Jobs 
  Ground Services 
   Manager IAD Ground Ops Station - Virginia, Dulles - Job 
   A&P Mechanic-IAD - Virginia, Dulles - Job 
 Omni Air International Washington, Seattle Jobs 
   A&P Mechanic - SEA - Washington, Seattle - Job 
  Warehouse Operations  
   Stores Clerk- SEA - Washington, Seattle - Job 

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