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 NetSPI, LLC Engineering Jobs 
  MN, Minneapolis 
   Product Manager – PTaaS & Vulnerability Management - MN, Minneapolis - Job 
  NA, Remote  
   Chief Architect – Offensive Security Platform - NA, Remote - Job 
   Product Manager - Offensive Security Services - NA, Remote - Job 
   Senior Full-Stack Engineer - NA, Remote - Job 
 NetSPI, LLC Marketing Jobs 
  MN, Minneapolis 
   Content and Social Media Manager - MN, Minneapolis - Job 
  NA, Remote  
   Product Marketing Director - NA, Remote - Job 
 NetSPI, LLC Sales Jobs 
  NA, Remote  
   Managing Director - NA, Remote - Job 
   Solutions Architect - NA, Remote - Job 
 NetSPI, LLC Services Jobs 
  MN, Minneapolis 
   Senior Security Consultant (Penetration Testing) - MN, Minneapolis - Job 

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