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 VinFast US Aftersales Jobs 
  CA, Carson 
   Delivery & Inventory Specialist - CA, Carson - Job 
  CA, Irvine 
   Charging Interoperability Engineer - CA, Irvine - Job 
   Collision Manager - CA, Irvine - Job 
   Vehicle Diagnostics Engineer - CA, Irvine - Job 
 VinFast US Business Development Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Business Development Specialist - Bilingual (Vietnamese) - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
  CA, San Francisco 
   Business Development Specialist - Bilingual (Vietnamese) - CA, San Francisco - Job 
 VinFast US Financial Services Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Residual Value and Incentives Manager - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Information Technology Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Sr Salesforce Engineer - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Marketing Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Senior Digital Marketing Manager - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Network Development Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Regional General Manager - East Region (Philadelphia) - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
   Regional Network Development Manager - Dallas, TX - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Operations Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Inside Delivery Advisor - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Retail Jobs 
  CA, Berkeley 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Berkeley - Job 
  CA, Colma 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Colma - Job 
  CA, Commerce 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Commerce - Job 
  CA, Corte Madera 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Corte Madera - Job 
   Store Sales Manager - CA, Corte Madera - Job 
  CA, Huntington Beach 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Huntington Beach - Job 
   Store Sales Manager - CA, Huntington Beach - Job 
  CA, Irvine 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Irvine - Job 
   Store Sales Manager - CA, Irvine - Job 
  CA, Marina del Rey 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Marina del Rey - Job 
   Store Sales Manager - CA, Marina del Rey - Job 
  CA, Richmond 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Richmond - Job 
  CA, San Diego 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, San Diego - Job 
  CA, San Mateo 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, San Mateo - Job 
  CA, Santa Monica 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Santa Monica - Job 
  CA, Ventura 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Ventura - Job 
  CA, Woodland Hills 
   Client Advisor - In Store - CA, Woodland Hills - Job 
 VinFast US Sales Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Sr Sales Manager - E-bike - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Sales Training Jobs 
  CA, Los Angeles 
   Sales Trainer - CA, Los Angeles - Job 
 VinFast US Service Jobs 
  CA, Carson 
   Parts Advisor - CA, Carson - Job 
   Service Assistant - CA, Carson - Job 
   Service Manager - CA, Carson - Job 
   Technician - CA, Carson - Job 
  CA, Colma 
   Service Assistant - CA, Colma - Job 
  CA, Irvine 
   Service Assistant - CA, Irvine - Job 
   Technician - CA, Irvine - Job 
  CA, Richmond 
   Service Assistant - CA, Richmond - Job 
   Technician - CA, Richmond - Job 
  CA, Ventura 
   Service Advisor - CA, Ventura - Job 

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