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 STAT Informatic Solutions Clerical Jobs 
  FL, Key West 
   Document Processing Specialist - FL, Key West - Job 
  FL, Orlando 
   Document Processing Specialist - FL, Orlando - Job 
   Document Processing Specialist - FL, Orlando - Job 
  TN, Johnson City 
   Document Processing Specialist - TN, Johnson City - Job 
 STAT Informatic Solutions Operations Jobs 
  AK, Palmer  
   Medical Records Clerk - AK, Palmer - Job 
  CT, Farmington 
   Medical Records Clerk - CT, Farmington - Job 
  FL, Spring Hill 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Spring Hill - Job 
  FL, Venice 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Venice - Job 
  FL, Miami 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Miami - Job 
  FL, Miami Beach 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Miami Beach - Job 
  FL, Naples 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Naples - Job 
  FL, Orlando 
   Assistant Compliance and Privacy Officer - FL, Orlando - Job 
   Document Courier - FL, Orlando - Job 
   Medical Records Clerk - FL, Orlando - Job 
  FL, St. Petersburg 
   Release of Information Specialist - FL, St. Petersburg - Job 
  NM, Carlsbad 
   Medical Records Clerk - NM, Carlsbad - Job 
  TN, Johnson City 
   Document Courier - TN, Johnson City - Job 
   Mail Clerk - TN, Johnson City - Job 
   Medical Records Clerk - TN, Johnson City - Job 
   Release of Information Specialist - Site Floater - TN, Johnson City - Job 
  VA, Abingdon 
   Medical Records Clerk - VA, Abingdon - Job 

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